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Kidpreneurs: El Paso’s Youngest Businessmen

Drew and Jamie Frank, 13 and 12 respectfully, have kick started a sneaker revolution in El Paso.  Kickpin, a sneaker pop-up, located at The Shops on Mesa, offers one-of-kind, limited edition, rare shoes and clothes a couple of times each month.

Teen spent $25,000 on shoes, gave them all away

EL PASO, Texas -- Drew Frank, 13, recently had his bar mitzvah. In lieu of gifts, he asked for cash donations. What he did with that cash is what has everyone talking.  When Drew tallied up all of his gifts, he had $25,000. He didn’t keep any of that money for himself. Instead, he donated it to a charity to give away shoes. A lot of shoes.

Young Man Turns Bar Mitzvah Into Fundraiser

Good Morning America

El Paso teen used $25,000 in donations to buy shoes for people in need.s it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Lessons in Limited-edition Marketing from the Kids at Kickpin

In the obsessive market for limited-edition sneakers, brand 

awareness and innovative marketing strategies generate

major buzz around new releases.

Brothers spread smiles with shoe giveaway

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