El Paso Children’s Hospital receives $100,000 donation from Kickpin brothers

El PASO, Texas -- An exciting day for the El Paso Children's hospital after receiving a $100,000 donation from the Kickpin Foundation.  The $100,000 donated to the hospital will "ensure that children in our region have access to high level healthcare both through much needed orthopedic procedures as well as creating a long-term funding stream for the greatest needs of the hospital," according to the hospital.

Kidpreneurs: El Paso’s Youngest Businessmen

Drew and Jamie Frank, 13 and 12 respectfully, have kick started a sneaker revolution in El Paso.  Kickpin, a sneaker pop-up, located at The Shops on Mesa, offers one-of-kind, limited edition, rare shoes and clothes a couple of times each month.

Teen spent $25,000 on shoes, gave them all away

EL PASO, Texas -- Drew Frank, 13, recently had his bar mitzvah. In lieu of gifts, he asked for cash donations. What he did with that cash is what has everyone talking.  When Drew tallied up all of his gifts, he had $25,000. He didn’t keep any of that money for himself. Instead, he donated it to a charity to give away shoes. A lot of shoes.

Young Man Turns Bar Mitzvah Into Fundraiser

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El Paso teen used $25,000 in donations to buy shoes for people in need.s it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Mayor awards El Paso teens

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser presents Drew and Jamie Frank with the Star on the Mountain award Thursday in recognition of their recent donation to El Paso Children’s Hospital. Drew and Jamie, along with their brother Lane, announced a $100,000 donation to El Paso Children’s through their Kickpin Foundation. The gift will support clubfoot procedures through Borderless Giving and create an endowment to assist with future needs of the hospital. 

Lessons in Limited-edition Marketing from the Kids at Kickpin

In the obsessive market for limited-edition sneakers, brand 

awareness and innovative marketing strategies generate

major buzz around new releases.

Brothers spread smiles with shoe giveaway

El Paso teen brothers celebrate 3 -year shoe store anniversary by giving back to community

For three years now, two local El Paso teens have made their mark on the business community, by selling sneakers worth thousands of dollars.  Jamie Frank, 15 and 16-year-old Drew Frank are brothers who not only sell rare sneakers but also donate higher-end sneakers to underprivileged teenagers. 

El Paso teens celebrate 3 years in business

High-priced kicks might seem like a niche market, but two teens in El Paso have taken the trend and run with it, garnering national attention for their good eyes for one of the most popular trends of the 2010s.

Pumped Up Kicks

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El Paso teens spread holiday cheer with Nike shoes

Drew Frank, 15, along with brother Jamie Frank, 13, visited the YWCA Transitional Living Center on Dec. 20 to give each child a new pair of Nike shoes and $100 to each mother.

The Kickpin Foundation is proud to give new sneakers to the deserving kids at the Lee Moor Children’s Home.

One of the first things you think to buy for Back to School is a fresh, new pair of kicks. Many kids though are unable to afford them. The Kickpin Foundation is proud to give new sneakers to the deserving kids at the Lee Moor Children’s Home. 
www.kickpinfoundation.com #Kickpin

Distrubution of Nike sports shoes to at-risk children

A Bar-Mitzvah initiative by Jamie Frank from El Paso in Texas warmed our hearts.  He decided that with the gifts he received for his coming of age celebration, he would contribute to impoverished kids in Israel.  

A boy from Texas bought Nike shoes for the children of Kiryat Bialik

Jamie Frank, a 13 year old boy from Texas, decided to give up a glittering bar mitzvah party and donated the Nike gifts to children of clubs in Kiryat Bialik.  Nike has increased the number of shoes donated.

A huge heart: the exciting gift of Jamie Frank from Texas

Jamie Frank, a 13-year-old boy from Texas, decided to give up a glittering bar mitzvah party and instead chose to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood in an act that everyone will remember!

Jamie Franks moving gesture from Texas

Exclusive: Watch - Jamie Frank's moving gesture from Texas. Instead of a shiny bar mitzvah party, he bought and brought special shoes for disadvantaged children in Kiryat Bialik

The children of clubs in Kiryat Bialik received an exciting gift

He decided to give up a glittering bar mitzvah party and instead chose to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood in an act that everyone will remember

Teen Uses His Bar Mitzvah Money Donate 400 Pairs Of Nikes

Exactly how many shoes would you buy if you got $30,000 for your birthday? If your head is spinning trying to figure out just how many pairs of shoes that is, you're not alone. One possible answer is a staggering 400+ pairs of Nike sneakers — enough to outfit an entire elementary school, which is exactly what one teenager did when he decided he wanted to use all his Bar Mitzvah money to buy the world some kicks.

10 Ways the Election Didn't Totally Ruin 2016

After a brutal election cycle and endless reminders of how divided our country is, you may feel like the past few days have been, well, pretty demoralizing. And while it's certainly fine to acknowledge and express that frustration, and of course engage in self-care if you're feeling scared or anxious over the results, sometimes you need a reminder that the election did not completely ruin everything good in this world. Here are the top reasons why we're still smiling.

El Paso teen honored by Nike for sneaker giveaway

The Jordan Brand, a division of Nike, has recognized 14-year-old El Pasoan Drew Frank for giving away $25,000 worth of sneakers to underprivileged children in El Paso.

Frank received the first annual Wings Award for Greatness April 14 at the Jordan Brand Classic game at the Barclays Center in New York City, according to his father Adam Frank, the president of El Paso-based River Oaks Properties.

Kickpin: un juego de niños hecho negocio

La Generacion Z nos ha enseñado que los negocios también son temas de niños y aquí, Jamie y Drew Frank nos enseñan que a su corta edad es posible conseguir tu negocio ideal.


 A teenager from El Paso decided to use the bar mitzvah money to buy socks and sneakers and donate them to an elementary school.


On game day, Jordan Brand honored four community leaders with Wings awards in the spirit of Greatness, Determination, Authenticity and Freedom. Players and fans enjoyed musical performances by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie and Rick Ross to cap off the full day of games.

Sharing the holiday spirit

Drew Frank, 14, along with brother Jamie Frank, 13, helped spread holiday cheer at the YWCA’s Sara McKnight Transitional Living Center on Dec. 21.

Supported by parents Dana and Adam Frank and their grandfather, local businessman Gerald Rubin, the teens gave away 65 pairs of new Nike shoes to the woman and children living at the center. They also gave each of the women a gift of $100.

Sneaker celebration: Teen gives shoes to students

Hundreds of students at Beall Elementary School in South Central El Paso have a new pair of shoes, thanks to the generosity of 13-year-old Drew Frank.  “I really wanted to make a difference in these children’s lives,” said Drew, an eighth grader at St. Clement’s School and the son of Adam and Dana Frank of El Paso. Instead of asking for gifts for himself for his bar mitzvah, Drew asked guests to donate to a shoe giveaway.

Young entrepreneurs take their love of sneakers to the retail level

From the outside, it's a rather unassuming storefront. But inside, it's a treasure trove of sneakers. And not just any sneakers. We're talking rare, hard-to-find sneakers.

“I just love the culture about shoes and all the experiences I’ve had with them, selling them and getting them, and it’s just so much excitement," said Drew Frank. "I love it.”

So late last year, the 13-year-old decided to take his love of shoes to the retail level. That's how Kickpin was born.

A Teen Donated More Than $30,000 Worth of Shoes to Children in Need

While many 13-year-olds are showered in gifts at their bar mitzvahs, a teenager from El Paso, Texas, decided to use the opportunity to give back to those in need instead.

In lieu of gifts, Drew Frank asked his bar mitzvah guests to make donations, which he then used to buy new shoes for Beall Elementary School students in South Central El Paso.

From The Mouths, And Wallets, Of Babes: Texas Teen Donates $25K Worth Of Shoes To The Needy

EL PASO, TX — Often, and increasingly these days, it's the children who are setting an example for the grownups.


Take Drew Frank, 13, as dramatic illustration of this assertion. In lieu of gifts at his recent bar mitzvah, he asked for cash donations to buy shoes — not for himself, mind you, but to donate them to needy children.

Kind sole: El Paso teen donates $25K to buy shoes for kids


When Drew Frank asked for cash donations at his bar mitzvah, he had a plan in mind.

A shoe collector himself, the El Paso teenager wanted a way to give back. With the help of his parents, Dana and Adam Frank, he founded the “Drew’s Sneaker Give-Away.” The family even added a slogan of #JustDrewIt.

Texas Teen Gives Away All Bar Mitzvah Money ($25,000) To Charity By Buying 800 Pairs Of Shoes

What would you do if you got $25,000 for your bar mitzvah? One teen bought shoes, but they weren’t for him.

He bought 800 pairs of sneakers – enough to outfit an entire elementary school, which is exactly what he did when he decided he wanted to use all his Bar Mitzvah money to buy the world some kicks.

Texas teen spends $25,000 on shoes for children in El Paso

At age 13, Drew Frank is showing an immense generosity that has caught the attention of thousands across the country.

The El Paso resident recently turned 13 years old and in lieu of gifts for his bar mitzvah, he asked for cash donations instead. After counting the gifts, Frank had over $25,000 to donate to the Braden Aboud Foundation, a nonprofit that gives away high-quality shoes to lower-income neighborhoods. The money from his bar mitzvah bought 800 pairs of Nikes and 800 pairs of socks, USA Today reports.

Teen Spends $25K Bar Mitzvah Money To Buy Shoes For Kids In Need

We can all learn a little something from this boy’s generosity. Drew Frank spent all of his bar mitzvah money on shoes for other kids. He loves sneakers so much that he received $25k at his bar mitzvah to spend on sneakers and he did get them, but not for himself, but for those in need. We need more kids like him.

Teen Spends $25K Bar Mitzvah Money to Buy Hundreds of Shoes for Others

A teen in Texas could have used the thousands of dollars he got for his bar mitzvah on himself. He is crazy about expensive kicks, and could have bought a car with the money.


When Drew Frank held his bar mitzvah to celebrate his 13th birthday, he was as excited for his gifts as any other kid. But instead of keeping the $25,000 he received (yes, you read that correctly), he donated all of it to charity.

Big-hearted boy spends bar mitzvah money on new shoes for entire elementary school

EL PASO, Tex. —

A Texas boy used his bar mitzvah to gather more than $25,000 worth of donations – enough to provide shoes for an entire school's worth of students.

Teens Uses Bar Mitzvah Money To Buy 800 Pairs Of Sneakers—But Not For Himself

There is nothing like making bank at your bar mitzvah! Some lucky kids end up with thousands of dollars to their name, which can be quite a responsibility for a 13-year-old to manage.

Bar Mitzvah Boy Buys Hundreds of Kicks for Schoolkids and an Orphanage

One kid from Texas is thinking bigger than himself. We should follow his example of tikkun olam.

By Jonathan Zalman

Holiday gifts for homeless women, children

Women and children living at the YWCA’s Sara McKnight Transitional Living Center, 3700 Altura, got a special delivery of holiday cheer on Dec. 22.

Members of the Rubin family and local philanthropist Gerald Rubin gave each of the 40 women a gift of $100. Rubin’s 13-year-old grandson, Drew Frank, gave each child a new pair of Nike shoes. It’s something Rubin has been doing for years, and this year, Drew joined in. In November, Drew gave new shoes and socks to 400 students at Beall Elementary School using funds he received as bar mitzvah gifts.

El Paso teenagers start their own sneaker business

El Paso, TX - Drew and Jamie Frank are not your ordinary teenagers.

Last December, the teenagers opened their own sneaker pop-up shop, Kickpin.